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Enjoy Your Christmas Shopping With Us

December 14th, 2011 admin Comments off

In a few days, we will celebrate Christmas. For sure, you do not have a gift for your husband or wife yet. So, instead of going in a rush and be a worry-wart, sit back and relax because will take care of you. If you worry about not having that perfect gift for your spouse or your partner yet, then we suggest that you get it here from us.

Vibrator Warehouse Christmas Gift IdeasWhat do we offer?

We offer high quality adult sex toys that will surely tickle your senses. These are the sex toys that have for you:

• Male and Female Masturbators
• Dildos
• G-Spot Stimulators
• Anal Sex toys
• Sex toys for men
• Vibrators
• Bondage & Fetish
• Playwear & Lingerie
• Erotic DVD
• Love Dolls
• Strap-Ons
• Massage & Bath and many more

Why should you choose

You should choose us because we guarantee that you will only have the best sex toys in the market. You can be sure that our products are made by the best manufacturers in the industry and we do not sell mediocre sex toys that can harm you.

These are the brands that we carry:

• Fleshlight
• California Exotics
• Fetish Fantasy
• Adam & Eve
• Tenga
• Kink Labs
• Tantus
• Lelo and many more

These companies are not fly-by-night companies unlike other online stores are offering.

Aside from that, our products are authentic and properly sealed to make sure that they are not in any way contaminated with harsh chemicals that may inflict you any discomfort or infections.

The best thing about us is that we offer quality products at affordable prices. We have an everyday sale that gives you 30-80% discounts. So even if it is not Christmas, you will feel the Holiday Season all-year round.

So what are you waiting for? Enjoy your Christmas shopping here with us!

Happy Shopping!

Women and Their Sexual Fantasies

December 12th, 2011 admin Comments off

female sexual fantasiesLike men, women have sexual fantasies too. Well, they may not be vocal about it but they are also thinking of getting those fantasies into reality.

So what are the fantasies of women? Do you know how they wanted to be touched? Here are the things that you can do to help your woman make her fantasies into reality.

Women love to be given oral sex all the time

Women are afraid to express what they want. This is because they are afraid to show their bodies or simply because they are not confident. To help your woman relax, caress her and ask her what she wants. Or better yet, do anything you want to do with her. Give her a great sexual foreplay and oral sex because for sure, she will definitely love it.

Women love role playing sex

Women love role playing sex. They either want to be a rape victim or the rapist. The thought of playing a role excite them and want them to have a great and pleasurable sex.

Apart from the rape sex, they also want to have an orgy or a threesome. Of course, when we talk about threesome, meaning there are two men giving her the best pleasure. You can give her an oral sex while the other man can suck her breast at the same time. The sexual ecstasy will definitely drive her nuts.

However, if you are not open to have other men having sex with her, you can get adult sex toys such as love dolls to do that for her.

Women love to use sex toys

It is not a secret masturbate with sex toys. Well, for most if they don’t have sex toys, they do it with their bare hands. But why don’t you give your girl a sex toy such as a vibrator. She will definitely love it because even if you are not around, it’s as if you are still inside her. Vibrators are also great for her to explore her body so that by the time you’ll have sex, she knows which part of her body she would like to be stimulated.

Lastly, to totally give fulfillment to your girl’s sexual fantasy, show her your love and care when you have sex. This way, she’ll feel secured about how you feel and you do not just want her skin.


Check out these bestselling items to help your woman achieve her sexual fantasies:

What Women Want

Oral Sex She’ll Never Forget

Secrets of Great G-Spot Orgasms

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Play It with Ice

November 22nd, 2011 admin Comments off

You have likely heard about some adult sex toys that can be chilled or warmed. This is primarily done for extraordinary sensations. Most of these sex toys are made from glass – a long-lasting non-porous material that is definitely capable in keeping temperature for a longer time. Aside from sex toys that are made from glass to keep a temperature, there are also that are made from real ice – more known as ice massagers.

What is an ice massager?

An ice massager is a mini vibe or a simple massager made from silicone that has a special function – an ice holder – which can give you great sensations. All you need to do is fill up the ice holder with drinking water and freeze it. Once it’s already hard, you can now start using it. Cooling sensations provides you with special delight when the massager’s touching your hot and aroused pores and skin.

Here are the ice massagers that we offer:

Foreplay Ice Chill

This sex toy incorporates a silicone sleeve, bullet vibe and also a cup for ice. All you need to do is to put the silicone sleeve into your cup with drinking water and freeze it in your freezer. Right after an hour the bottom of the sleeve will be lined with ice. Position a bullet into the sleeve and your ice massager is ready to use! This massager may be used for stimulating any part of your body.

Visit this link to see more information about the product.

Foreplay Ice Frost

This self-contained ice massager resembles the Ice Chill. However, the ice positioned inside the silicone sleeves thus there is no direct contact of the ice and your skin. The greatest part of this sex toy is that its vibrator is removable; hence, you can use it with your other sex toys.

Watch the video below or visit this link to buy this product.

Foreplay Ice Glacial

This is a non-vibrating ice massager. It is made from silicone. It can be used easily by filling the massager with water and put it for several hours into your freezer. Although it doesn’t have a vibrator, you can now use it according to your liking.

Click here to see more information about this toy.

Women’s Unique Way of Fighting Stress

September 20th, 2011 admin Comments off

women vibratorEven in the midst of economic recession, people have unique ways of fighting stress. Others prefer to go on food tripping and eat to their hearts’ content. On the other hand, there are those who indulge in things that give them pleasure and joy.

Pleasure to the extreme does not always mean getting for yourself a partner in bed. There are a lot of single men and women out there who are currently enjoying great sex life even without a partner. We are talking about enjoying oneself with adult sex toys.

Sex toys and other sensual paraphernalia are so common nowadays that people no longer blush at the sight of them in some shopping malls and online stores. They have been actually perceived as a tool not only for better sex but also a tool for strengthening or rekindling relationships.

Yes, sex toys for the big girls like vibrators, love dolls and dildos are no longer a taboo. In fact, a remarkable number of women confessed that they are fascinated with these things that they are willing to shell out a hard day’s earning just to get one and enjoy. They can go without the basic things but not this battery-operated gadget that vibrates its way to the user’s pleasure spots and bring them into an orgasmic state.

This is basically the reason why manufacturers of these toys thrive amidst economic recession. Today, vibrators and many other adult sex toys come in fashionable shapes, texture, size and colors without compromising durability, functionality and the safety of the users.

According to the experts, enthrallment with these gadgets is just people’s way of coping stress especially to women who carry the burden when it comes to work, family and among other things. Also, it is because aside from the fact that they also bring relief to loneliness.

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