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Door Jam Sex Sling
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Price: $49.03
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Item #: SS32403 -

    Spice things up with this exciting Sex Sling! Whether you and your partner are looking to expand your toy collection with something unique, or you are specifically looking for something to aid in sex positioning, this convenient sling is sure to satisfy. Small bars secure the straps over any door, just slip over and then close and the strap locks allow you to quickly and easily adjust seat height. Position yourself in the padded seat and utilize the foot straps and hand grips for amazing...

    Fetish Fantasy Do It Doggie Harness
    Retail: $24.00
    Price: $14.15
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      Fetish Fantasy Do It Doggie Harness is a favorite among lovers is this Doggie harness. The velvety-soft harness cradles your lover, while the durable, adjustable handles give you the grip you desire. Show her how. Great for g-spot stimulation and oral sex positional device. Free mask included. Country of origin China. Fetish Fantasy Do It Doggie Harness is featured in Pipedream Products 2011 Fetish Fantasy Catalog, page 53. Package dimensions: Depth 1.75 inches, Width 5.00 inches, Height 9.00...

      Fetish Fantasy Giddy Up Harness
      Retail: $36.00
      Price: $20.35
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      Item #: PD214123 -

        Fetish Fantasy Series Giddy Up Harness Black. Try new positions you never thought were possible and get deeper penetration than ever before with the amazing Giddy Up Harness. This simple nylon position strap features padded shoulder and neck supports and easy grip handles, giving the user total control of the speed, force, and depth of each thrust. The padded strap comfortably wraps around your partners shoulders and neck, giving you complete control of their torso for incredible penetration....

        Fetish Fantasy Sex Harness
        Retail: $129.00
        Price: $68.40
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        Item #: PD384900 -

          Fetish Fantasy Series Sex Harness strap in for sensational sex! Get the perfect position for pleasure every time with the Fetish Fantasy Sex Harness! This full body support sling can instantly turn an ordinary erotic encounter into a night of excitement and experimentation. With the Sex Harness, there's no need for bulky ceiling swings, position pillows or any other sex furniture. Just slide the full body harness on, strap your partner in, and get ready for incredible positions and explosive...

          Fetish Fantasy Spread Eagle Sling
          Retail: $33.00
          Price: $18.80
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          Item #: PD214300 -

            Fetish Fantasy Series Spread Eagle Sling is the perfect tool to vary your sexual positions without fatigue, the spread eagle sling uses simple tension to allow her to feel deeper penetration and for him to enjoy easier positions. Comfortable Velcro cuffs attach to each ankle, with nylon straps that loop to a pad behind the neck. Natural body weight keeps the legs up and open without stressing the thighs, enabling longer sexual sessions! This fun bedroom sexual position helper also includes a...

            Fetish Fantasy Tickle Strap
            Retail: $75.00
            Price: $21.99
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            Item #: PD216823 -

              Fetish Fantasy Series Fantasy Tickle Strap Black. Tickle, tease and please your submissive with this incredible Fantasy Tickle Strap. This over the arm restraint is perfect for turning your bedroom into an erotic tickle chamber, just by adding a screw in the ceiling. The heavy duty nylon strap features a padded neoprene handle, a sturdy metal o-ring, and adjustable nylon comfort cuffs. Install the eyelet screw into a ceiling beam or doorway frame, slide the strap through the eyelet hole, pull...

              Fetish Fantasy Yoga Swing
              Retail: $300.00
              Price: $156.75
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              Item #: PD212723 -

                Fetish Fantasy Series Yoga Sex Swing to tone, stretch, strengthen and rejuvenate your sex life. Zero gravity infinite possibilities. Swing into difficult sexual positions you never imagined with the world's first ever Yoga Sex Swing. With the aid of the Yoga Sex Swing, you can defy the laws of gravity and enjoy sexual positions you never thought were possible, without special strength, balance or agility. The versatile swing allows you to move into a range of yoga positions both in the...

                Fur Lined LoverS Sling
                Retail: $41.85
                Price: $23.38
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                Item #: SE268900 -

                  Lover's Super Strap Fur Lined Lover's Sling is fully adjustable. Versatile 72 inches red nylon lovers sling with plushy black faux fur neck support and fur cuffs. 77 inches long sling. 14 inches long by 2 inches wide cuffs. Nylon sling, Cotton faux fur Velcro closures. Bulk weight 2.8 ounces. Category: More Fun, Kits & Games for Couples, Fetish, Kits for Lovers, Cuffs & Restraints. Lover's Super Strap Fur Lined Lover's Sling is a registered trademark for California Exotic Novelties. Sex toys...

                  Manbound Over Door Sex Sling
                  Retail: $90.00
                  Price: $48.25
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                  Item #: SS95059 -

                    Manbound Over Door Sex Sling with padded seat for man to man play. Webbed materials hold him up in the stirrup style sling. Manbound Over the Door Sex Sling by Sportsheets.

                    Manline Drill Sergeant
                    Retail: $43.98
                    Price: $24.47
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                    Item #: SS95054 -

                      Manbound Drill Sergeant Sex Sling comes with two soft, Velcro ankle attachments and adjustable center strap. Takes the missionary position to new heights. Reduces leg fatigue and lower back pressure. Stay in full control. Maximize multiple positions using this versatile strap that easily adjusts to any length and includes Velcro closures on soft Neoprene cuffs. Sex slings. Velcro closures. Manline Drill Sergent from Sportsheets keeping couples connected.

                      S&M Sex Sling Classic
                      Retail: $29.25
                      Price: $16.86
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                      Item #: SS10025 -

                        Sex and Mischief Classic Sex Sling! Harness the power of the sex sling! Strap yourself into positions you have never tried, all while keeping your hands free for further sexual stimulation. The Sex and Mischief Sex Sling Classic has adjustable straps to reduce leg fatigue, enables maximum penetration, and enhances G-spot stimulation. Fully adjustable and portable for hours of wild sex anytime, anywhere. Confession is Good for the Soul. You would not look at me and think, now that's a woman who...

                        Sex Sling Black Neoprene
                        Retail: $53.97
                        Price: $29.63
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                        Item #: SS12001 -

                          Sex Sling Black. Relaxation and gratification come in many positions and you can too! The Sportsheets Sex Sling can help ease you comfortably into new erotic discoveries. Sex Sling is a soft padded neck collar and ankle cuffs on adjustable straps to help hold your favorite positions. Reduces leg fatigue. Enables better penetration. Enhances G-spot stimulation. Instruction book included. Great for him and her. From the classic missionary position to oral sex for both of you. One size fits most....