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We aren't called the VIBRATOR Warehouse for nothing! With over 2000 Vibrators in every imaginable size, color and style we definitely have something for everyone. If you need some help narrowing down your decision, be sure to check the Buyer's Guide.
  1. Waterproof Jack Rabbit
  2. 6 Steps to Heaven
  3. Aphrodite Massager
  4. Clit Kisser
  5. Clit Suction G-Vibe

Classic Vibrators    Classic Vibrators
These vibrators are basic in design but still deliver the goods. Extremely versatile and popular, they can be enhanced by adding a vibrator sleeve.
Clit & Nip Suction    Clit & Nip Suction
This unique style of vibrator has quickly become very popular. Use the pump to create a suction sensation, and then turn on the vibrations for a wild ride!
Dual Action (Rabbit Style)    Dual Action (Rabbit Style)
With the unique dual-action clitoral stimulators and beaded rotating shafts, "Rabbit" vibrators are easily the hottest vibrators of the millennium!
Egg & Bullet Vibrators    Egg & Bullet Vibrators
What came first? The orgasm or the egg? No one knows, but we do know one thing for sure... With one of these vibrators, YOU will come first!
G-Spot Vibrators    G-Spot Vibrators
These vibrators feature a hooked tip that makes reaching the G-Spot a breeze. Vibration on this magic spot can bring you to heights that you never knew existed.
Hands Free/Strap-On    Hands Free/Strap-On
No collection is complete without one of these hands free wonders. Position the stimulator over your clit, lay back and enjoy the ride. Some can also be worn during lovemaking.
Pocket Rockets    Pocket Rockets
The Pocket Rocket mini-massager vibrator was made famous by multiple celebrity endorsements, and now comes in so many variations it needs it's own category.
Rechargeable & A/C Power    Rechargeable & A/C Power
Batteries tend to die at the worst times... These vibrators eliminate that problem and deliver super high powered vibrations.
Silicone Vibrators    Silicone Vibrators
Silicone is not only a hygenically superior material, but these vibes also come in some beautiful and very innovative designs.
Vibrator Kits    Vibrator Kits
All you need in one convenient package. Usually containing one classic style vibrator and accessory attachments for added pleasure.
Vibrator Sleeves    Vibrator Sleeves
Vibrator sleeves are designed to fit on top of standard classic style vibrators and transform them into super charged probes.
Waterproof Vibrators    Waterproof Vibrators
Turn your bathing into bliss! These vibrators are capable of being completely submerged under water and still keep going. It doesn't get much better than this!
Wireless Remote Vibrators    Wireless Remote Vibrators
Imagine giving your lover control of the vibrator hidden discreetly under your clothes. Wireless remotes with up to a 20 foot range can make going out as much fun as staying in!
Wood    Wood

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