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Stud Stallion 0.5 Oz Boxed
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    Stud Stallion 0.5 ounce Boxed Prolong Cream for Men New! Available 1/2 ounce tubes boxed. Make it last longer. Package has a j-peg hole makes for easy display on retail slant walls. Instructions for use: apply a pea size of the Stud Stallion cream 10 minutes before sexual intercourse on the head of penis and massage gently. Reapply if desire, you can easily rinse off with water. California Fantasies personal products for romantic pleasures.

    Swiss Navy Endurance Spray 15Ml
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      Swiss Navy Endurance Spray 15ml male desensitizer spray with lidocaine. Helps in temporarily the on set of ejaculation. Fast acting lidocaine formula. Endurance Rx with Lidocaine is a Male Desensitizer Spray that helps in temporarily slowing the onset of ejaculation. Product features: fast acting. 4 times stronger, as compared to many other desensitizers, pH balanced, non-irritating, last longer. Over 200 sprays. Swiss Navy Endurance Spray from M.D. Science Labs.

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        Ultra Maximum Delay Spray Delays orgasm! Stop premature ejaculation! Formulated to prolong sexual pleasure so you and your partner experience longer lasting enjoyment! Read and follow directions on the box for desired result. This is a style of Spray-On Sex that was featured on The Doctors TV in January 2009. Ultra Maximum Delay Spray from Nasstoys of New York. New image 2013.

        Wicked Overtime Delay Cream 1Oz
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          Wicked Overtime Delay Cream comes in a non-graphic 1 ounce plastic tube. The Wicked Sensual Care Collection OverTime Delay Cream for Men. Temporarily reduces hyper-sensitivity to the penis & which helps to delay ejaculation. The unique no prescription formula with 5% Benzocaine & gently eases the intensity of sensation and allows you the ability to put your love-making into overtime. To use just massage a small amount of control de-sensitizing cream to the head and shaft of the penis 5-10...

          XTC CREAM 1.5 OZ
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            XTC Cream 1.5 ounces. Orgasmic sensations. Ladies - this is just for you! Enjoy warm and tingly sensations right where you want them! Just apply a dab on your clitoris, massage it in and feel the fireworks! Spice things up with XTC Cream! Country of originUnited States. Catalog featured in 2009 Supplement - Crazy, page 32.