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Item #: LITBG048 -

    Bachelorette Party Mugshots game and activity for the bride to be gathering. 100 activities. 100 activity cards and one double sided mugshot card and one background poster. So much fun it should be a crime.

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    Kheper Games Item #: KHEBGC11 -

      Beer Card Game from Kheper Games. Beer! The Outrageously Fun Drinking Game The hilarious card game where you assign drinks, steal from others, have blackouts, and even an occasional drunken hookup. BEER! also tests your knowledge of crazy categories like Types of Liquor, Cartoon Dogs, and Excuses for Not Making Love. If you win, you get to assign lots of drinks to the other players.

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      Item #: KHENVS26 -

        Bride To Be's Dirty Secrets game. The hilariously inappropriate game for her last night of freedom! Celebrate by making her scandalous secrets the center of attention! Earn points or take drinks by guessing the Bride-to-Be's response to 107 shocking questions.

        Drink & Dare Bride Bingo
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        Item #: BLCBINGO -

          Drink and Dare Bride Bingo Game contents: 12 I Dare You Bingo Cards, 12 I Double-Dare You Bingo Cards and 70 Punch-Out Bingo Markers. Want to make the most out of your Bachelorette or Hen Party? Are you interested in laughing all night long while you and fellow party goers act out amusing dares while knocking down you are your favorite libations? Then look no further! By adding a contemporary twist we have updated the classic Bingo game. The result is a super exciting, ultra fun Bride-to-Be...

          I NEVER HAVE... BUT I WILL!
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          Kheper Games Item #: KHEBGA15 -

            I Never Have But I Will adult game of dares. The crass party game with over 600 dares! After an I Never Have statement is made, players indicate who of them have never done the action. The first of these players who announces, But I Will then acts out the dare and earns the card as a point. Play for points or as a drinking game! You can even offer a prize to the winner, such as candy, wine, a back rub, or a spanking! Includes: a die and 100 dare cards. Adults only please.

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            I've Never Games Item #: INIBC001 -

              I've Never Bar Cards INIBC001. I've Never Bar Cards are great for those times when you can't break out a board game like when you're at the bar! I've Never Bar Cards pack all the outrageous fun of the original board game into a pocket sized package. It comes with 104 wild questions and outrageous activities! Includes 10 make up your own questions. In addition, the Bar Cards can be added to the Board Game aka Booster Pack. Adult games.

              LARGE BEER DICE
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              Kheper Games Item #: KHEBGD75 -

                Large Beer! Dice drinking game from Kheper Games. For an instant party, just add BEER! The easy to learn and fun to play drinking game! Players take turns rolling the dice and carrying out actions, such as: copying gestures, assigning rules and taking drinks.

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                Kheper Games Item #: KHEBG028 -

                  Potheads Against Sanity adult game. The game of insane question and answer match ups! Compete to come up with the most insane matching answers possible! Players take turns asking questions or making fill in the blank statements while other players submit hilarious answers. The funniest answer wins! Includes: 96 Insane Questions and 107 Insane Answer cards, an 8 sided die, and rule card.

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                  Little Genie Item #: LITBG060 -

                    Special Edition Poker For Lovers from Little Genie. Ever wanted to be massaged, fondled, licked and then. With this couple game, you could win it all! Bet what you are willing to lose, each chip is imprinted with activities and minutes, once your ante is in let the card fly! Game comes with 30 blue imprinted chips, 30 pink imprinted chips, deck of cards, and instructions.

                    WHAT THE FUCK TRUTH OR DARE
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                    Kheper Games Item #: KHEBG003 -

                      What The F*cking Truth or Dare drinking game! Players take turns asking and acting out 100 hilarious truth or dare options with each other. For 4 to 20+ adult players.

                      WHEEL OF THIRST
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                      Item #: OZDG02E -

                        Fun new spinning drinking game! Points you in the direction of fun! 2 to 4 adult players. The Wheel Of Thirst from Ozze Creations.

                        WHOS THE BIGGEST SLUT?
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                        Kheper Games Item #: KHENVS27 -

                          Who's The Biggest Slut game. The hilarious drinking game of naughty confessions! Players answer over 550 questions about slutty things theyve done in order to determine which one of them is the BIGGEST SLUT!