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Electric Eel Inc. Item #: ELLF1328PUR -

    7 Piece Bedspreader Set from Lux Fetish. Turn your bed into the ultimate BDSM destination with the Lux Fetish Classic Bedspreader. Featuring four soft, plush adjustable straps, this must-have bondage accessory can be used to comfortably restrain your partner while exposing you to all of their erogenous zones to tease and torture with stimulation. The Classic Bedspreader is fully adjustable to fit most bed sizes, allowing you to spread your submissive to your liking. The bedspreaders quick...

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    Evolved Novelties Item #: ENAEWF50192 -

      Adam and Eve's Hog Tie from Evolved Novelties. Classic hog tie with cross restraint and 4 adjustable cuffs. Looking for a little wild wet kink to your next bedroom rodeo? The Hog Kit lets you rope your lover and hold them in place for what ever sexy moves you have in mind. And they will be sitting pretty in total comfort thank to the adjustable faux fur lined ankle and wrist cuffs. The Hog Tie Kit ensures all four limbs are safely held in place. And those metal buckles and rivets give you...

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      Shots America Item #: SHTOU374BLK -

        Ouch! Bed Bindings Restraint Kit Black from Shots Toys. Explore each other's kinkier side with this bed bindings restraint kit. Bind your lover to the bed and have free reign to do anything you desire. Includes everything you need to heat up the bedroom with some fetish play! Comes with 4 velvet adjustable cuffs with tethers and as an added bonus you get a free satin mask, 11 inches feather tickler, and 2 candles. Dimensions package 10.24 inches by 4.8 inches by 3.15 inches. Weight package...

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        Shots America Item #: SHTOU377BLK -

          Ouch! Bed Post Bindings Restraint Kit Black from Shots Toys. The Bed post restraint kit is perfect for those couples looking to explore bondage in the bedroom. Easily attaches to your bed posts for securing your lover. The kit has everything you need to start getting your kink on. Contains 2 wrist restraints, 2 ankle restraints, 4 bedpost extensions, and you get a free leather flogger, satin mask and sex dice as a special bonus. Dimensions package 6.69 inches by 9.61 inches by 3.15 inches...

          Bondage Bar
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          Item #: SS32601 -

            Bondage Bar is a restraint system that combines wrist and ankle cuffs and a 24 inches hard metal spreader bar. A classic bondage item is now out of the dungeon and in your bedroom. Soft, neoprene cuffs are attached to a rigid, metal bar to keep your partner in place. Cuffs are a one size fits most. Squatting or standing are two favorite sex positions for using this restraint. Bondage Bar is a registered trademark for Sportsheets. Keeping couples connected. New images added 2013.

            BONDAGE BUDDY
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            Electric / Hustler Lingerie Item #: ELLF1799 -

              Bondage Buddy from Lux Fetish Black. The Lux Fetish Bondage Buddy is the ultimate positioning item. Get your lover in thrilling new positions that make hitting all the right spots incredibly easy. Great beginner experience. Restrain wrist and ankles simultaneously. Easy to use. Always play safe.

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              California Exotic Novelties Item #: SE270285 -

                Boundless Bed Restraint from California Exotic Novelties. Beware: The Boundless Bed Restraint may tie up your evenings for a long time to come! This adult toy comes with wrist and ankle cuffs that offer Velcro-style closures and universal claps, ensuring maximum comfort and restraint. The very sturdy, adjustable securing straps wrap beneath nearly any size bed mattress, ensuring that the sub is bound to the will of the dom. As one of the rising adult toy product categories, BDSM sex toys have...

                BOUNDLESS HOG TIE
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                California Exotic Novelties Item #: SE270280 -

                  Boundless Hog Tie from California Exotic Novelties. If you are serious about exploring your sexual boundaries, the Boundless Hog Tie is the ultimate in adult toys. Bind your submissive partner with their hands and feet behind their back, or in the front, and take full advantage of their position. The sturdy cuffs and ankle ties included are great for BDSM/Roleplay in full bondage, totally controlled by the dominant partner in the couple. With 2 fully adjustable ankle cuffs and 2 fully...

                  CLOSET CUFFS SET
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                  Item #: ELLF1324 -

                    Lux Fetish Closet Cuffs are the quickest and easiest way to spice up any bedroom and sex life. Fully adjustable straps and easy assembly gives you the ability to make any bedroom your personal sexual haven. Place the straps over the doors, lock up your lover, and close the door firmly for your new favorite position. Fully adjustable. Easy to use. No assembly required. Straps: Length: 70cm Width: 2.5cm. Cuffs: Length: 27.5cm Width: 5.8cm. New package image added December 15, 2012.

                    COLT CAMO SPREAD EM
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                    California Exotic Novelties Item #: SE691545 -

                      Colt Cam Spread Em Spreader Bar Set from California Exotic Novelties. Give yourself over to passion with the masculine Colt Camo Spread Em bask in primal passion while the solid steel spreader bar opens you up to thrilling new angles of penetration and fully adjustable restraint. Youll love the vulnerability of being tightly bound in place with the fully adjustable steel restraint bar; Use the 2 universal O rings to attach the durable cuffs and adjust your lover into the perfect position to...

                      Edge Adjustable Spreader Bar
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                      Sport Sheets Item #: SS98031 -

                        Sportsheets new Edge line Adjustable Spreader Bar. Anodized aluminum. Nickel free metal hardware. Expands from 28.5 inches to 37 inches. Includes clips on each end to be used with Edge Wrist, Arm or Ankle Cuffs, not included. Sold separately. Breaks down for easy travel. Includes middle clip for attachment. Index lines for easy assembly. Hoist able.Includes: one black spreader bar with clips for attachments. Materials: Anodized Aluminum, Nickel Free Metal Hardware.

                        EDGE XTREME UNDER THE BED
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                        Item #: SS98032 -

                          Edge Xtreme Under The Bed. The perfect bondage product! Includes 4 adjustable cuffs fits 4 inches to 12 inches wrists, 4 restraint straps secured to one connector strap that fits securely under your mattress. Restrains your partners arms and legs from the sides or bottom of the bed. Restraint strap quickly fits beneath any mattress with no hooks and adjusts to the size you desire. Easy setup on any mattress. Portable and great for a surprise getaway. Includes: 4 Wrist/Ankle cuffs, 4 60 inches...