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Lovebath Ocean Temptations
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    Shunga Erotic Art new products Lovebath Ocean Temptations sensual Japanese experience turns bath water into a luxurious bath gel. This revolutionary sensual breath taking luxurious line of bath, body and lovemaking enhancement treats. Lovebath, a completely unique bathing experience designed to celebrate and stimulate the senses while promoting closeness and desire. Much more than a typical bath gel, Lovebath transforms your bathtub, spa or jacuzzi into a sensual wonderland of color, texture...

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      Shunga Erotic Art Shower Gel Frosted Cherry 8 ounces. Thick and silky lather. Ideal for sensitive skin. Non-irritating to eyes. Leaves the skin feeling fresh. Let things get steamy and smother each other with long arousing and delicious kisses on any part of your partner's body without any bitter aftertaste. Let yourself and your senses embraceyour deepest desires! Great for kissing. Directions: Pour a small amount of shower gel onto a bath sponge or washcloth, dilute with water and work it...

      Shower Gel Sensual Mint
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        Shunga Erotic Art Shower Gel is available in two different scents: Sensual Mint and Exotic Fruits. Each sold separately. Add a sexy surprise to your bathing rituals with this unique and pleasurable shower gel from Shunga. An evening of loving caresses in the shower or bath can only be enhanced by this shower gel with vitamin E and made from vegetable oils. It gently washes the skin and stirs up passion with its subtle flavor of Sensual Mint or Exotic Fruits that awakens the senses and leaves...