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S&M Silicone Anal Beads Black
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    Sex and Mischief Collection Silicone Anal Beads Black. These high quality, phthalate-free black silicone anal beads feature nine beads of pleasure measuring 9 inches in total length with each bead approximately .89 inches in diameter. A smooth seam and plastic pull removal ring at the end make these beads comfortable and fun to use! Always clean before and after use. A water based lubricant is recommended. New images added August 21, 2013.

    Edge Leather Blindfold Bu
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      Sportsheets Edge Leather Blindfold: high end lingerie adjustable strap. Handcrafted in the USA. Comfort lined with satin padding. White-stitch embellishment adds style. Includes:One leather blindfold. Materials: Cowhide Leather, Nickel Plated Hardware, Nickel Free Hardware, Polyurethane Foam, Polyester Fabric. Blindfold come bulk without retail packaging.

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        Sportsheets Midnight Lace Blindfold. Remove the sense of sight, and all the other senses are heightened. This sexy blindfold has soft, inviting fabric of fine lace while the double straps provide security and comfort. Materials: polyester, polyethylene, polyurethane, elastic, Spandex. Includes: 1 Lace blindfold. One size fits most.

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          Sportsheets Midnight Bling Nipple Clips. This 20 inches doubled strand of sparkling bling will give you a formal feeling while the rubber tipped nipple clips serve as a constant reminder that all are entitled to feeling a little pain with their pleasure. Materials: cubic zirconia, nickel free metal, copper, stannum, rubber. Includes: one 20 inches black jeweled nipple clips.

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            Sportsheets Midnight Teardrop Nipple Clips. The pair of sparkling teardrop crystals at the end of each 18 inches bejeweled chain look inviting. The only tears that will be shed this night will be those of unbridled passion. Materials: cubic zirconia, nickel free metal, copper, stannum, rubber. Includes one 18 inches teardrop nipple clips.

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              Sex and Mischief Enhanced Feathered Nipple Clamps from Sportsheets. A flirtatious twist on a pleasurable pinch. Be brought to the next level of ecstasy with the adjustable Enchanted Feather Nipple Clamps making it easy for varying levels of pressure play. Allow your partner to test your boundaries by compressing or releasing pressure. Removable plastic tips let you determine the level of extreme you will reach. Soft and alluring these feathers increase sensation and can be used to tease your...

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                Unleash your imagination and explore your desires with the Verge Nipple Clamps. Designed to engage your senses, the adjustable clamps provide just the right amount of pressure to stimulate your erogenous zones, creating an electrifying experience that will leave you craving for more. Wear them during solo play or share them with a partner to add an exciting element of kink to your intimate moments. Let your fantasies run wild as you indulge in the sensations that Verge Clamps provide. Fully...

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                  Expertly crafted for your finest forays, the Amber Collar and Leash is a statement piece sure to grab their attention. Have them take control and lavish you with sensual sensations at their command. The tasteful tortoise shell inspired design makes this alluring piece perfect for day or night. Features: Gold-plated easy clips for a fashionable and secure lead. Adjustable buckles for a personalized fit. Malleable yet durable material allows for all-day wear. Materials: Phthalate-free PVC, Iron,...

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                    Sex and Mischief Toys Amor Collar with Nipple Jewelry from Sportsheets. Amor Nipple Clamps. Introduce the teasing torment of nipple play to your next scene with the Amor Nipple Clamps. Equipped with tension adjustments, you or your partner can easily control the pleasure and the pain. The heart choker adds a delectably romantic touch to this BDSM must-have. Features: Rubber-tipped nipple clamps with tension adjustments. The choker fits a variety of sizes with multiple fasteners. Beaded chains...

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                      Sportsheets Saffron Leash and Collar. Forget the roses, just give me the thorns. Silk sheets, rose petals, candles, and champagne, they have got a time and place. But sometimes the evening calls for something a little spicier. Made from vegan leather of the deepest midnight and the brightest scarlet, this collar and leash set looks and feels luxurious so that your power play is sophisticated and sexy. Wrap the collar around your plaything's delicate throat. The strap adjusts to fit a wide...

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                        Sincerely Locking Lace Collar and Leash from Sportsheets. Explore boundaries and introduce soft submission play with your partner in our Locking Lace Collar and Leash. Comfortable to wear for long periods of time or just long enough to make things exciting during your fantasy play. Pair with your favorite stilettos or remove every stitch of clothing and just bring submission to the bedroom. Lace collar fits up to 19.75 inches necks. Materials polyurethane PU, polyethylene PE, nickel free...

                        EDGE LINED LEATHER COLLAR
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                          Edge Lined Leather Collar. Color Black. One size fits most.